HubNut TV: 400,000 views!

I’ve been very pleased to hit 400,000 channel views on YouTube. That’s still pathetically small fry compared to a lot of channels, but for a little hobby, it’s quite pleasing.

It was 3.5 years ago when it all began, when I decided I really wanted to capture my thoughts on driving my first electric car – the Nissan LEAF. It’s a bit cringey to look back, but here it is.

Only 535 views for that one, I’m not sure why it’s so low. Possibly because my audience was pretty small back then, and there are now a zillion LEAF videos on-line. But it wasn’t actually the first video I shot. A fair chunk of time earlier, I actually recorded a video on another Nissan – my Bluebird T12. Buoyed with the pleasing comments on my first video, I then published that one. It has now had over 12,000 views!

That gave me the confidence to really turn things up a notch, so I put a fair bit of effort into my next video, recording the delightful details of my Daihatsu Sirion. It remains one of my favourite cars – it’s just a shame they rot so horrendously.

I’ll stop there though. Continue through my videos and you’ll find vehicles as disparate as the Tesla Model S, Peugeot J7 van and Mitsubishi Pajero Junior. That’s because I adore variety, whether it’s something that was not regarded fondly when new, or an electric super saloon.

So, to mark 400,000 views, I thought a shabby LDV Pilot would be ideal. Thank you for your support. Who knows where this channel will go next?



This is only here to make the social media work. Thanks!

[This is only here to make the social media work. Thanks!]

3 thoughts on “HubNut TV: 400,000 views!

    • Thank you! More videos will be forthcoming. Just tricky to find time to produce them at the moment. Day job getting in the way!

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