Magazine news: Feb 2017

I’m still balancing Classic Jaguar and Retro Japanese magazines at the moment: two wildly disparate worlds, and two I enjoy very much. It messes with my head a bit, having to focus so intently on one world, then put it aside and leap whole-heartedly into the other. Sure, a few thoughts about the ‘off duty’ magazine creep in while I’m working on the other, but when magazine production is in full-flow, there’s little room for anything else. It’s pretty intense.

Which is why the Blog will have its quiet phases this year, and likely my YouTube channel as well. I’ve been pleased at how well I’ve managed to keep both ticking over this year so far, but reality is bound to strike at some point, especially once the show season starts to kick off again. I’m currently drawing together a list of display cars for Japfest Silverstone and Japfest Donington, just in case I wasn’t busy enough! Retro Japanese will have stands at both. After the success I had last year at the Fast Car Festival (this year, the Sunday after Japfest Donington), I’m really looking forward to it. From my own shambolic Mitsubishi Colt to a fiery Toyota Supra Twin Turbo, the mix was good. We even had a Datsun Cherry Europe!

Retro Japanese display at the Fast Car Festival 2016

Retro Japanese display at the Fast Car Festival 2016

At the moment, I’m also putting the next issue of Retro Japanese together. We’re exactly one month from deadline and there’s an awful lot to do! As usual, I’m trying to put together a blend of features on the cars you’ll probably know about, and those that you probably don’t. Whatever your automotive interests, I always try and give plenty to read!

Alongside this, I’m finishing off the admin for Classic Jaguar magazine, with the next issue going on sale on Friday. I do like beautiful things, and they don’t get much more beautiful than a Jaguar XK120 fixed head coupé on steel wheels and hubcaps.

Just gorgeous - XK120 in Classic Jaguar

Just gorgeous – XK120 in Classic Jaguar. This copy on sale Friday 17th February 2017

How many other people get to create features like the above, but also features like the below? Welcome to my world.

Nissan's fascinating electric history, by Eddie Rattley.

Nissan’s fascinating electric history, by Eddie Rattley.

This happy place seems a suitable way to mark the fact that as of next month, I will have been in this business for a full decade. I’d had a few features published prior to this milestone, but March 2007 was when I started work as a features writer on Classic Car Weekly. I’ve driven some amazing cars for sure, but I’ve also written hundreds of features, using hundreds of thousands of words. No wonder the keys on my laptop keep wearing out!

I’ll never be a rich man in financial terms, but I’m very grateful that this is what I do. Oh, and don’t worry. The 2CV news will keep coming. Things have been a bit quiet for the ol’ girl lately, as she’s mostly been hiding from evil weather. She’ll be at the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show (there’s a mouthful) towards the end of March though, on the 2CVGB stand. If you’re there, do come and say hello. Hopefully, I’ll be fitting some much-needed sound-deadening! Fatmat have delivered something that should take the edge off, and save my hearing! Elly will also be scraping her doorhandles at Coventry Motofest in June.

It’s all looking rather busy, which is nice! Having had a few years to learn how to relax again after that stint on Classic Car Weekly, it’s definitely time to do more of what I love doing. Writing about old cars.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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