Project OMG: City Life

The drone of a tired wheel bearing was overcome by polite conversation as we headed out of Wales and into England. 

Traffic levels were relatively light, until we left the motorway and headed towards Filton.

This classy Jaguar XJ 40 was about as good as spots got, as we crawled our way through the busy streets of Filton.

Then, just before we reached my stopover, the mother of all spots. Who doesn’t love a decrepit Volkswagen LT?

I’m now out for food – Grounded on the Gloucester Road is very pleasant. Many thanks to Jasper for giving me a lift. He is playing with Songdog on the other side of Bristol tonight. If folk noir is your thing, head to The Thunderbolt tonight. 

I’ll be retiring to my AirBNB with Rebus to keep me company tonight. It’s Tooth and Nail, where Rebus will head to London and and feel totally out of his depth. Wondering around the hectic streets of Filton this evening, I know how he feels…

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