The new car: Logistics

I’m not yet revealing what my new steed is, but am giving some very serious thought to how to collect it.

What I know about it is that the MOT ran out in the summer of 2015. It was parked up due to a fuel leak. Being a diesel, this isn’t a good thing. It is not known where this leak is, but it’s safe to assume that it is not going to pass an MOT like that.

My options are as follows:

  1. The simple option. Catch a train over there (Bath), drive it back to a pre-booked MOT, hoping the diesel leak isn’t too bad. Not very keen on this one, as diesel leaks are ALWAYS bad news for other motorists. Potentially makes a good video as bits of the car break.
  2. The Big Unknown option. Take it for an MOT at a friendly garage in the Bath area, hope it doesn’t fail on too much and that the diesel leak doesn’t take too much stopping. This feels quite risky, but that means it probably makes a good video. As long as I have a day or two free, it should be fine.
  3. Hire a beavertail, and just bring it home on the back of that. Very boring, though will almost certainly be pushing the limits of a 3.5 tonner for a touch of the illicit. I don’t fancy this option very much.
  4. The high-miles compromise. In this one, I drive to Bath, get the car up and running, take it to a local garage and, because I’m there in my own car, I have the option of simply driving home if there’s a big list of stuff to sort.

I’m finding it difficult to know whether to go for option 2 or option 4. A forum friend has offered assistance with either possibility, which makes it seem vaguely possible. In other words, he has tools and knowledge of local businesses. Given that the car is a complete unknown, I do wonder whether it’s sensible to go and see it, assess it and investigate this leak problem. That’s the big question really. If it’s a simple pipe or rubber connector, then solving it should be pretty simple. If the pump needs stripping and a load of seals replacing, then that’s rather more involved. I’m minded to err on the side of caution with this one.

LDV 400

Most Beavertails can’t actually legally carry many modern cars. Low payloads!

I’ve still got a week to think about it though, so let’s see what happens!

3 thoughts on “The new car: Logistics

  1. You had a Citroen ZX which was fairly sorted so you’ve sold that to buy something that could be a mountain of trouble. I admire your dedication and it makes good reading but I fear for your sanity Ian. Good luck.

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