Honda S-MX: Collection video

I’ve now got the video uploaded for the S-MX Collection Caper. Sadly, it seems very slightly out of sync. Not sure why that is.

In other news, the track rod ends seem to have play in them, though there’s some debate about whether that play is in the inner or the outer. I’ve ordered up the outers as I thought that was where the problem is (on the advise of my local garage) but an S-MX expert (yes, there is one) reckons it’s the inners that usually fail. The outers are £50 a pair, the inners £66 a pair. Here is one very apparent downside to owning a car not sold in the UK.

I’ll keep you posted. I guess I need to get my jack out and explore where the free play is.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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