Goodbye XM. I’ll miss you.

The big news today is that the XM has left the fleet. It’ll be strange not having the huge barge around the place. It has been a superb buy and has served me very well indeed.

When I bought the XM in October 2014, I had no idea that it would remain a part of my fleet for quite so long. I liked it on the test drive, but I’ve liked lots of cars on test drives! In regular use though, I grew to adore its strong torque delivery, floaty ride (especially when I finally sorted the suspension out) and peaceful nature. I took it all over the country, and even to France last summer, where we visited Le Mans and had a gentle hoon around the road section of the fabled track.

Citroen XM in France.

Taking the XM to France was a real boon.

For eating up the miles, it really was pretty exemplary. But practical too. The boot is enormous, and folding the rear seats makes it even more so. Then there’s the towing ability. I didn’t really test it that much, but it certainly came in useful when asked.

I can’t deny that I’m a huge fan of the looks too. I’d often have the XM parked up outside my office window and could happy gaze at it when words were eluding me.

XM rear

Fantastic Bertone styling

Sure, it wasn’t perfect. I never did like the clutch, nor the gearchange. The ride around town is pretty poor given how good it is everywhere else too. It is also a sod to park, being enormous and having corners that are almost entirely invisible from the driver’s seat. Reversing it is like reversing a Lamborghini (probably).

But, this one will definitely be going down as an enormous success. The likes generally outweighed the dislikes and it’s taken an awfully long time for me to feel like seeking a replacement! Not an easy task, as I’ve discussed. In fact, I’ve deliberately gone for something entirely different. I’ll have a break from magnificent barges so I can savour the memories of this fantastic hatchback. Thanks XM. May you enjoy many more miles.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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