April fleet update

Right. I’ve been mega-busy, but I’d better do a fleet update. Here goes. First, the headline news. The Dyane has been sold! Though it hasn’t quite gone yet. It’s still in my garage and I’ll be using it for Drive It Day this coming Sunday. Once it has gone, at some point in the coming weeks, I’ll be moving the 2CV’s chassis back into the garage so I can check what it needs before the body is plonked back on top. Not that work on the body has started yet – some panels for it will be making their way to the restorer this weekend. I need to then find time to get up there to see some progress – that’s not going to be before I’ve got Classic Jaguar magazine to print.

Dyane will soon be off to London.

Dyane will soon be off to London.

The XM has been very busy, with many family and work visits carried out over the past few weeks. It has already clocked up 1000 miles this month, which is pretty impressive given that it has spent many days in the past few weeks not moving at all. It is an infuriating car at times. Like Saturday, when it locked me inside and Rachel and some friends outside. That wasn’t good. Also, trim rattles are annoying, it’s rubbish over potholes (like all ‘strut’ hydropneumatic Citroens), the clutch is too heavy, the gearchange too horrible. But I still seem to really like it for reasons that are impossible to explain.

The Nippa has very nearly clocked up 3000 miles since I last serviced it a year ago. Almost time to chuck a thimble-full of oil and a new filter at it. The interior plastics are utterly dreadful, the ride is appalling, it’s really, really noisy and so much fun to drive quickly.

Perodua Nippa at speed. Sort of.

Nippa still proving ideal for, er, nipping about the place.

Then there’s the caravan. I’ve been trying to get on top of any leaks and today jacked it up to make sure the brakes work. They do. At the end of the month, we’re actually going away in it to properly live the caravan dream. We’re meant to be away in it twice in June, though I think I’ve found a way to avoid having to lug it all the way back from the south of England only to have to take it back a couple of weeks later. It could be the future of caravanning. Simply leave it vaguely near where you’ll need it next time to avoid having to drag it home!

Oh, and there may be a new addition to the fleet next month. I think you’ll like it, but you’ll have to wait and see!

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