Project 2CV: Body delivery video

As reported in my previous post, the 2CV’s body is now up in Yorkshire. Here’s some footage of the journey itself.

Remarkably, the Elly restoration fund stands at £1826 now! That’s following a healthy contribution from myself. Your funds have not been spent on getting my trailer fixed, nor on transport costs. The total will only be used directly for stuff Elly needs – mostly bodywork then. I have had to keep away from Ebay!

I should be able to give the pot another boost as the Honda Prelude has now been sold. As I suggest in the video, the Dyane may be the next victim of the fleet cull. It’s job was to fill in while the 2CV was off the road. Now the project is underway, far sooner than I anticipated, then I’m afraid the Dyane is going to have to make way. For a start, I need my garage back so I can crack on with chassis fettling ahead of the body’s return. Though, I’m pleased to report that the galvanised finish seems to have lasted very well, with no signs of rot.

If you think £1826 is a great deal of money, you’d be right. But, restoring cars is an expensive business, and I can see all that (and more ) disappearing very easily. Elly will need new wheels and tyres, and that’s £356 gone straight away. I’m looking forward to the next stage though. Stay tuned!

Up she goes! Ready for some sorting out.

Up she goes! Ready for some sorting out.

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