Project 2CV: Video thanks

Incredibly, the 2CV fund now stands at £814. I need to tidy up my garage, turf the poor Dyane out of it and get the 2CV in for a stripdown. Let’s see how the next week pans out! In the meantime, here’s a fresh video of the star of this operation.

Even just pottering about, it was good to have her out for a little ‘exercise.’ Her next outing will be to return to my garage, where the body will be stripped and removed. It’ll then be heading off to Citwins in Bradford for an assessment. A friend has kindly offered a load of panels at a discounted rate, but your contributions so far will pay for more of those, and Alan’s skills. I’m not sure he realises what he’s let himself in for!

Man and machine about to be very busy.

Man and machine about to be very busy.

At this point, I must thank Gary Dicks for putting this whole thing into motion. Gary was also very helpful with the Dyane project. He imports a lot of cars and parts from France, so is always worth a call if there’s something you need. I still need some bits for the Dyane, so I’m sure I’ll be badgering him shortly!

Speaking of the Dyane, I took it for its first 2CV meet today, in Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. A great time was had by all, and the Dyane found some suitably scruffy stablemates!

My Dyane fits in nicely here. Scruffy doesn't mean unloved!

My Dyane fits in nicely here. Scruffy doesn’t mean unloved!

I thought I’d travelled quite a way, but the beige 2CV (a very rare 1975 Belgian-built right-hooker) came from Uttoxeter, and the yellow beast from Cornwall! Fantastic.

The Dyane ran very well – entirely without problem and also entirely without pools of oil when it is parked up. Fabulous! It does feel a bit flat, so I think I’ll get the carburettor rejetted. The new transistorised ignition is so good that I had to turn the tickover down when I got back home too.

But back to the 2CV. You lot deserve some progress, so I’ll do my best to crack on. I’m out with work tomorrow, and have two deadlines this week, so can’t dedicated myself to it 100%. Progress is not far away however!

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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