The making of German Classics magazine

Just in case you’re missed my tiresome bleating on social media, German Classics Magazine goes on sale on Friday and it’s my first outing as a full-on editor (having been caretaker editor a couple of times on Classic Car Weekly).

German Classics cover

German Classics – on sale from 15th Jan 2016!

It was ruddy marvellous to get back into the editorial saddle to be honest, as while writing features is great, there’s something very enjoyable about having an entire cauldron to fill – it’s all about choosing the right ingredients and giving them the right preparation for what I hope you’ll find is a tasty feast!

Mind you, I had forgotten how stressful and pressured the editorial world is. Deadlines come rushing towards you like angry crows, while you sit there trying to keep tabs on several different features at once. Does the copy for that feature look ok? Has that feature even been written yet?

Good grief how I’ve missed it! Once the content is assembled, it’s then a case of working with a designer to get the pages looking something sensible – and that’s a great skill that I admire very much. Left to my own devices, I could only create an utter mess. I just don’t have a graphic designer’s eye.

Then there’s proof reading, and I’m very grateful to Rachel for helping me with this one. As you’ve probably noticed from this very blog, it can be very difficult to accurately proofread your own work and as someone who used to help people write essays and the like, Rachel’s experience proved very useful – even if it did mean some very late nights as press day approached!

Merc fintail

Personal German Classics highlight – Fintailed Merc!

Now, all there’s left to do is wait for you, the public, to grab a copy and then comes the really scary bit – feedback! Please do let me know what you think. This is the start of a series of titles and while I like to think I’ve got a good feel for what people want, there’s nothing like actual feedback to help reinforce that feel.

German Classics is on sale on Friday, and I’m now working on the follow-up – Retro Japanese. Yes, I am now wishing I hadn’t sold my 1986 Nissan Bluebird. Oh well!

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