Volvo: Fund Raiser

The Volvo will be heading to a new home, as I revealed in my latest video. It was an amusing distraction, but I was forced to concede that I really do not need another car with another To Do list. I have enough!



But that left me with a problem. I couldn’t live with the thought of profiteering by selling a car I was given free, so I needed another solution. And verily, the Autoshite forum did provide salvation. A raffle! Now, if you’re feeling a bit miffed on missing out on the chance of a Volvo for a fiver, then I apologise. However, you can’t really hold a public raffle without jumping through an awful lot of hoops. So, it was better to hold it amongst friends on a car forum. I couldn’t shout about it outside that collective.

It worked too! 59 people bought a ticket, which allowed me to cover the unexpectedly high cost of collection (largely due to the £85 alternator I had to buy for it and also fuel). The rest of the money raised – £150 – I have split between two charities suggested by the previous owner’s family. So, for once, I’m not out of pocket and money has been raised for good causes. This is very pleasing.

The collection caper really was an enjoyable adventure too, even if that’s not quite what I was thinking as the electricity leaked away in Buckinghamshire on a dark and damp evening about a month ago! In fact, I may have questioned my sanity at that point. But it’s always good to try different cars as being blinkered to one make or type is rarely a good thing in the long term!

Yet, it’s the dynamic XM that is probably why I have not bonded better with the Volvo. Perhaps I would have been willing to try and improve it if it was just a bit nicer to drive. There’s much I like about the Volvo, but then there’s much I like about many cars. It doesn’t mean I want to consider a long term relationship with them. Perhaps I’m actually happy with what I already have. Can that really be true? Let’s see what 2016 has in store… Merry Christmas, Nadolig Llawen etc!

Best wishes to you all!

Best wishes to you all!

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