Video: Mitsubishi Pajero Junior

I love small cars, and 4x4s don’t get much smaller, or cuter, than the Mitsubishi Pajero Junior. Well, ok. There’s the Pajero Mini as well. Full details below! The test features on and off-road antics.

Another dream achieved. Baby 4x4!

Another dream achieved. Baby 4×4!

I’m particularly thrilled with this one, as I love 4x4s that have proper 4×4 functions. This is not a mere city car with chunky looks. The Pajero Junior was never officially sold in the UK, but many of the 70,000+ built were imported. It was replaced in 1998 by the Pajero Pinin – sold as the Shogun Pinin in Europe the UK, and built by Pininfarina. That’s also a 4×4 with very genuine ‘rough stuff’ ability.

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