Book Review – DeLorean

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DeLorean - Celebrating the Impossible

DeLorean – Celebrating the Impossible

A lot has been written about John Z DeLorean. An awful lot. But for me, and the writers of DeLorean – Celebrating the Impossible, it’s the car itself which is of far greater interest. So I was thrilled to be asked to review a copy of this book. It has been independently published by two members of the DeLorean Owners Club and as such, manages to have a flavour about it that you just wouldn’t get from a traditional publisher. It’s at a far geekier level, and I say that in a very, very good way.

Sure, some of the design is a bit low-key, but even just as a book to browse through and admire the pictures, it is quite remarkable. There are wonderful shots of the various offices used by the DeLorean Motor Company, as well as never-before-seen shots of prototypes and development mules. Then there’s the textual content too – far more detail about these cars than I’d ever seen anywhere before. There are interviews with staff, recollections of the trouble of building a car in what was at times a war zone, and plenty about the difficulties faced by those that made this amazing car come to life.

This book contains some incredible images, many never seen before.

This book contains some incredible images, many never seen before.

At £75, this is not a cheap book but it is huge! That price includes delivery, which seems pretty fair given than the book weighs four kilograms! Your postie may not thank you. However, I can say that without shadow of a doubt, this book is an essential read for any petrolhead. You’ll love it.

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