The big rebrand

I started ClassicHub back in early 2011, but have been forced to admit that a lot of what I write about isn’t necessarily about classic cars. While most of my paid work is in the classic magazine sector, my tastes are far wider than that. I’m especially keen on electric cars and find myself getting interesting in modern cars for the first time in many, many years.

So, just like Marathon chocolate bars and Opal Fruits sweets, I’ve gone in for a rebrand! I’ve tried to move away from the previous name, but with rather more effort than when West Midlands Travel became Travel West Midlands. I think HubNut reflects my interest in motor vehicles quite nicely, and I hope you agree!

So, after many years, I say goodbye to ClassicHub and herald a new dawn. Welcome to HubNut.

Sure, the URL currently still has ClassicHub in it. I have plans to deal with that, but you’ll have to wait for more!

2 thoughts on “The big rebrand

    • I was going to go for The Hairy HubNut, but that was taking things a bit too far. And you definitely wouldn’t want one of those in your tea…

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