Video: Road test – Vauxhall ‘Victor’ FE 2300S

The Vauxhall ‘Victor’ FE 2300S is a pretty rare car, so I’m quite fortunate to have driven two of them. This is a car never marketed as a Victor and never badged as a Victor, despite clearly being a Victor, which is something I’ve only learnt recently. Anyway – without further ado, I shall thank Ed Morley for the opportunity and leave you to ‘enjoy’ my latest video offering.

About ClassicHub videos

I have no budget, no script and very little time. This video road test of a Vauxhall Victor FE 2300S was shot over the course of just half an hour, and edited on a free trial version of CyberLink PowerDirector 12. Which seems pretty good. I might actually purchase a copy. You don’t get anything fancy with ClassicHub – just a car and my thoughts on it! I usually review dreadful cars. Often my own. See more at

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