Dodgy foot forces fleet rethink

I’ve got a problem with my foot. I suspect I’ve damaged a bone in it, though thanks to constant penny-pinching, I’m still waiting for the details of the X-ray I had over a week ago. The NHS really does seem to be in trouble.

DAF 55 Variomatic

Two-pedal options are being considered

It’s my left foot, so clutch control is proving problematic. I found the 2CV very painful and awkward to drive yesterday, and that has a lovely, light clutch action! At the moment, the least traumatic car of mine to drive is the Sirion. How typical that the one time I really need an automatic, I don’t actually own one.

Naturally, this scenario has sent me scuttling off to the classifieds but there’s a rather sizeable problem. I can’t actually afford to buy another car. That’s ok. This situation is hardly a new one to me. I’ll just sell one of the cars I already own. The problem is, I like all of them! The BX is massively useful – which is annoying as a friend is selling a very tidy BX automatic. It isn’t an estate though, and it’s amazing just how much more practical the estate is than the hatchback. There’s the other small matter than a 1.9-litre BX auto is not going to be quite as thrifty to run as a diesel.

The Sirion then? Well, no. I’ve already explained how much I like it. It pleases me greatly to own such a silly-looking, fun-to-drive little beastie. As for the 2CV, well, the last time I threatened to sell it, a lynch mob was swiftly formed, which forced me to reconsider. Annoyingly, the mob was right.

But, the action of a clutch pedal is really causing problems at the moment. I’m not sure what to do.

3 thoughts on “Dodgy foot forces fleet rethink

  1. Hi Ian , I had similar issues with my ankles and moved to an automatic daily car , which means I can drive the 2cv without problem as the left ankle gets lots of rest , so isn’t aggravated when I drive manual cars .
    My own logic applied to your problem may not result in a welcome conclusion !
    The 2cv obviously has to stay due to your combined history and the adventures it still has to offer you .
    The BX offers you the combination of comfort and practicality that you clearly rate and appreciate , and therefore has to stay .
    It is your ‘go to ‘ ‘ daily driver ‘ Sirion that unfortunately needs to move on . It doesn’t have the USP of the other 2 cars , and has the wrong gearbox for you now .
    Good luck in your search and or fix of your feet problem .

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