Dream car, driven properly

Ok, sorry. I’ll stop wittering on about unrealistic motoring soon, though I was suprised at how much attention yesterday’s Bentley blog received. Perhaps you’re not all as interested in hopeless old relics as I am…

Today’s topic is one of very few supercars that excite me. My bedroom wall was adored with photos of stuff like Leyland Daf vans, Vauxhall Fronteras and a catalogue of road tests from Auto Express. I was not a normal teenager. One supercar found its way to my bedroom wall though. The Ferrari 288GTO.

Undoubtedly to my mind, this is one of the most attractive cars that Ferrari has ever produced, as I’ve mentioned before. Yes, it’s very close in styling to the humble 308GTB, but that’s no bad thing. Why not take a beautiful berlinetta as your starting point? Under the skin, it is a fair bit different. The engine is longitudinal rather than transverse, and boasts twin turbochargers. The 2855cc V8 produced a startling 400bhp, so when launched in 1984, the resulting 189mph top speed made it the fastest production car then available – though only 272 were built. 60mph came up in less than four seconds, and it’d scream to 125mph in 15 seconds. I’m not really one for powerful cars, but this strikes me as impressive.

Sadly, I’ve never had the opportunity to drive one, but the people behind this video certainly have. And how! Would you be brave enough to drive a million pound supercar like this?


What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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