Sirion – assisted once more

After one day, I decided to refit the power steering belt. I’ve decided I no longer want to be a guinea pig for whether it causes any long term problems with the car or not.

Sirion is super-light again

Sirion is super-light again

Some people wondered what the insurance implications of this modification were. Surprisingly, my insurer (Peter James) was very happy to simply note the modification on my file with no charge or concerns. A bit too happy in fact that they put the change through even though I’d only asked whether it was possible!

I must concede that while annoying, the assistance perhaps isn’t the greatest evil in the world. Turns out I hate it far less than my good lady wife. She really does prefer steering with feedback. Sensible lady!

So, the belt is back on, and I went for a drive with my new HD camera.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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