Back in love with a tiny Daihatsu

Yesterday, I got the fuel filler neck replaced on the Sirion. This ended up being very easy, and also cheap, as the dealer I spoke to discovered a recall notice for iffy fuel filler necks on Sirions. That meant it cost nothing. Brilliant!

And even better, it has cured the fuel starvation issue. I was right. That was linked to the fuel filler neck issue. The hole in the neck allowed dirt and (presumably) moisture into the tank and the pump’s filter was very clogged up.

The drive home from Swansea yesterday (for that is where I had to travel to get the work carried out) was very enjoyable indeed. A tiny car with no power really does not need to lose power in bends. I can go back to driving like a maniac again, which the car tends to encourage. The addictive way that the engine barks just makes you want to ring its neck. Fun, fun, fun.

That never seems to come across in period road tests. Howard from Tomorrow’s World seemed a bit underwhelmed in his review for Men and Motors, while the lovely Julia Bradbury was anything but lovely when discussing the Sirion on old Top Gear. Mind you, she was also pretty rude about the Citroen Berlingo as well. I don’t recommend searching for the clip as it’s frankly painful to watch.

So, stick to my review instead. Sorry for those who’ve already seen it – yes, it is a repeat! Bloomin’ television…

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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