Tin Snail Travels – Leicester

Today, me and the 2CV have swapped the rural idyll for city living. Well, after I’d removed the reverse light that is, as its mounting had broken.

Travelling twin-pots – destination Leicester and Wisbech

The Dyane decided to stay with us for the weekend because it doesn’t like the rain. It belongs to a friend who lives even further east than I was planning to travel today. Fine weather today convinced me that there was only one car to drive. After all, what do I crave most in a car? Comfort! The Sirion is woeful at providing this, while the Discovery is far from perfect. So, 2CV it was.

My decision was pretty much justified, though only by factoring in the brilliance of noise-reducing ear plugs. They don’t block all noise, but take the edge off – which in a 2CV is pretty useful. On mine, the roof seems to be flapping, which really doesn’t help. I need to adjust it. Engine noise is almost entirely cancelled out though, and with the engine doing over 5000rpm at motorway speeds, that REALLY makes a difference!

It’s the ride comfort that really makes the difference though. Less noise helps, but wafting along over bumpy roads is just great. Even the sectioned part of the M6 after Jct 6, which is like driving up a kerb at 50mph in the Sirion, was noisy but not uncomfortable. Impressive.

The 2CV is also fairly joyous in traffic. Low gearing means you can swiftly get the clutch up, and still be moving very slowly. A heavy flywheel makes it reluctant to stall too. That was handy as there seemed to be a rugby match ending when I reached Leicester. There was LOTS of traffic.

The view this evening is rather different.

The mean streets of Leicester

Yes, the phone on my BlackBerry is woeful. Tomorrow, I’m busy with a photoshoot (the details of which will be revealed one day) before heading back to wet West Wales.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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