The magic of the 0-60 dash

To many school boys, only two things are important when it comes to cars. How fast and how quick. School boys aren’t very much interested in MPG or practicality, and looks are entirely subjective and good for arguments in their own right. Truth is, many of us car enthusiasts don’t really grow up. Even when I’m driving feeble machinery, I get a massive kick out of driving it hard. My poor 2CV will surely bear witness to this. She’s been pretty harshly driven for our entire 106,000 miles together.

It isn’t necessarily how quickly a car accelerates that generates appeal though, it’s how it does it. This video contains three very different vehicles taking part in the 0-60mph dash. The final one is quickest, by some margin, but which one is your favourite? Hop aboard as we put a Wartburg 353, a Daihatsu Sirion and a Mercedes-Benz 300E W124 through their paces.

Which one would you like to take home?

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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