Sirion: 3000-mile review

The Sirion has only been on the fleet since October, but it has already clocked up 3000 miles in my ownership. I was starting to feel that I hadn’t done that much driving in 2013, but the 2CV has clocked up almost 2000 miles since September too. Clearly I am driving more than I think.

At rest after a busy year

At rest after a busy year

Since purchase, the Sirion has become the default vehicle. It’s the one I jump in for most journeys on account of the fact that it actually keeps inclement weather outside, it gets up to temperature REALLY quickly, and I still like driving it. For sheer effortlessness, it’s hard to beat. I’ve driven it to Birmingham, Sussex and Kent – as well as the very top of Scotland of course. Before I bought it, the Sirion had been used for a banger rally down to Nice in Southern France. After a life of bimbling around Cheshire, it seems to be heading for retirement having plenty of fun.

And yes, it sadly is heading for retirement before long. It may only have 73,000 miles on the clock, but the body is sadly not as healthy as the mechanicals. A week of high mileage on heavily salted roads has left the rear wheelarches looking iffy again, and corrosion has already had a good munch on other areas. It’s quite depressing really, as it feels like a car with a lot more to give.

There are a few downsides. The ride is not very good at all. It really does crash about over poor surfaces. The rear wiper switch position continues to irritate and the lack of a flick-wipe for the front wipers is also a pain. Really though, these are very minor grumbles. Usually, after 3000 miles in a car, I’ve thoroughly had enough! So, the Sirion will remain on the fleet and we’ll see just how bad things are when the MOT comes around in the summer. Unless something else tempts me in the meantime…

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