2CV in actual sunshine shocker

The best thing about being freelance is flexible working hours. Sure, working in the evening isn’t really my idea of fun, but it’s often the best time to get hold of car club officials – and I speak to a lot of them during the course of my work.

The bonus is that I’m not tied to my desk during the daytime. Which means that when it’s actually sunny, I can do this.

2CV Dolly

2CV enjoys some actual sunshine!

I will concede that after 500 serene miles in a Mercedes-Benz 300E, the 2CV takes a bit of readjustment! Once the shock of the noise had worn off though, I could concentrate on having a good ol’ hoon. Unassisted steering provides so much more feedback and 60mph feels actually quite fast! I love how different the two cars are to drive. After all, I wouldn’t want them to be identical. One is an antidote for too much of the other.

When it comes to the rest of the fleet, the other 2CV is still sitting in my garage. I’m still not entirely sure what to do with it. I’ve made tentative attempts to move it on, with some interest expressed by 2CVing friends I know. Is that a cop out though? Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get it sorted out? I’m not sure what the answer is.

The BX is in disgrace. It appears to have blown a high pressure pipe. I have no idea what’s involved in replacing them, but it’s quite an involved prospect that will require the rear subframe to be dropped. This doesn’t sound too jolly to me. As I can’t drive it anywhere, I’m going to have to knuckle down and get it sorted.

BX hydraulic leak rear suspension

BX makes a mess of the driveway

Which means that another working car would be a bonus. Shame I just sold the Mercedes then. Oh, hold on. I didn’t! The buyer seems to have got cold feet and for once, I don’t mind that yet another Ebay sale has failed. Yes, I’m a few pounds down on the experience, but it sold for naff all and I actually need another working vehicle! Having been so impressed with the Mercedes over the weekend, I really don’t mind at all. It shall remain on the fleet and I shall stop wracking my feeble brain trying to decide what to buy next. Perhaps ‘nothing’ really is the best option.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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