BX Heater – flap fear

Today, I have mostly been battling man flu and deadlines – all of which is very boring. However, I did manage to squeeze in a tiny amount of BX fettling.

The failure of the heater to supply any air was both frustrating and chilling on the drive home. My suspicion was that the flap on top of the heater unit – which should open when you turn the fan on – was not doing so. This job gave me The Fear, as most jobs involving BX heaters involve much cursing, even more dismantling  and a head-scratching session trying to work out how it all goes back together again. Was I right to be scared? Have a random picture before I continue.

Citroen turbo diesel estate with steel wheels and trims

Random press shot of a TZD estate. I really like the wheeltrims.

Thankfully, checking the flap operation was simple. Just remove the scuttle panel (remove wiper arm and large plastic nut, then two fir-tree connectors) and an undertray to protect the wiper mechanism and you’re in. Three bolts and an easy-to-lose screw hold the blower motor in place. The wiring did not need to be disturbed. With the motor wiggled out of the way, it became possible to see that indeed, the flap on top of the heater unit was closed. Wiggling the control knob made no difference, so I pushed the flap open, refitted the blower unit and tested to see if this had worked. It did! A lovely waft of air from the vents.

Refitting wasn’t too much trauma but workload and illness meant the only other thing I’ve done is test that the towing electrics work. They do.  Apologies for not taking any pictures today. There really wasn’t time.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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