Tin Snail Takeover

I’ve been blathering on a lot about the Merc recently, and judging by the declining blog stats, you’re getting bored with it even before I am. That’s worrying given how quickly I get bored with cars…

So, let me tempt you with my latest Motoring Triumph. A rusty 2CV that hasn’t been on the road for the best part of a decade.

Citroen 2CV rusty

Looks solid from this distance…

She’s a 1982 2CV6 Spécial finished (mostly) in Jade Green. The Spécial is the base model, so I’m lucky to get a passenger door mirror. Correct period features include the ‘twiddly-knob’ dashboard and slim rear bumper.

Citroen 2cv rear restoration project

I might have to fit a new roof.

It’s not too bad for corrosion, having been well covered up. That’s not to say it’s perfect – some surgery will be required in places – but it’s a very sound prospect. The chassis is galvanised, the engine turns and there’s still some metal to weld to. Some typical areas have already been replaced, with good solid metal that has then been coated in some very effective anti-corrosion gunk. I must find out what it was…

At the moment, my hope is to get this one up and running and road legal fairly swiftly, so I can take Elly my long-term 2CV off the road for some proper fettling. Whether I’ll keep two long-term who knows? We might get used to having two 2CVs in the family.

The major stumbling block (once I’ve actually got them home) is learning to weld. It’s about time I learnt how to do it, though I’m slightly worried that my incredibly hirsute nature is not a natural bedfellow with hot sparks…

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