The new car ‘giddy’ feeling

Yup. I’ve got it big time. That rush you get when you KNOW you’re going to get another car. It’s annoying in a way. Having only purchased three vehicles (plus taken one back) in 2012, I was hoping I’d calmed down a bit. It would seem not.

These are the most dangerous hours. The buzz is kicking in and like any buzz, there’s a fair chance that the sensible head will not make an appearance. I have identified a likely motor, but am putting off ringing up about it as it’s a bit of a stretch financially just at the moment. Mind you, it’s a stretch because I’ve already stashed away the money I need to cover my mid-term tax bill in July. I’m sure Mr Tax Man wouldn’t mind if I used the money for useful purposes in the meantime…

There are plenty of other big bills due this year too. Both Citroens require road tax at the end of March (a particularly poor bit of planning there), the 2cV needs some suspension work and some de-rusting and the BX has a few jobs needed too. On top of that, we’re aiming to take part in a BX Club trip around Scotland in June. That’ll add up as I’ll need a week away from work, around £120 for fuel (two fills of the tank, which should easily get us over 1000 miles). Accommodation (mainly tent-based) and food add to the cost as well.

Oh, and there’s the small matter of affording wood, council tax and house repairs. Yet I’m buzzing to such a degree that I’m quite prepared to risk all of the above. July is ages away. Surely I’ll have plenty of money by then?

The car in question is up for £2000. Thanks to the power of the internet though, I know it’s been for sale since June 2011. I think the location (west Wales handily!) has put off buyers. Would a cheeky offer secure it?

The sensible head should pop up at this point and remind me of my financial obligations as well as point out that for someone who works from home, two cars is entirely reasonable, if not already OTT.

Where have I put my phone?

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