Crap weather and an underused Snail

2012 will not necessarily be remembered too fondly by those in the classic world. Many shows were cancelled and a goodly number of classics spent the summer hiding away in water-tight garages rather than being driven.

I must concede that I turned my 2CV into a bit of a garage queen. That’s why poor Elly the 2CV has clocked up fewer than 2000 miles since January. Not that she entirely hid from the weather – 500 miles of that total involved splashing through flooded roads on the way to a rather soggy (but definitely not cancelled) 2CVGB event – Registers Day – in Cambridgeshire. There, the misery didn’t dampen spirits though I must concede that the tent we used will not be used again. It leaked quite badly and reminded us why we hadn’t used it for many years…

2CV starting handle

2012 got off to a bad start. Elly needed a little help.

I feel bad for not using the 2CV more often but it really has been a miserable year. Non-stop wet weather has made me reluctant to give my Tin Snail a soaking. I’m struggling enough to keep on top of the rot as it is! Another pair of sills are going to be necessary at this rate. They’re almost becoming a service item. Oh well. It’s a chance to catch up with some of the mechanical jobs isn’t it? Well, no. I haven’t done very well there either. She definitely needs a kingpin replacing before her next MOT in April but I fear the hole in the arm has worn excessively. I haven’t yet found a solution to that which works or is convenient. Plans to attack it at Registers Day were rather quashed by the weather. And my fear of big hammers…

I’ve been too busy playing with other cars too. Hopefully that will end as I’m looking to reduce the fleet somewhat from its current five cars (four of which are roadworthy) to a more manageable three, though I do want one of those to be a Land Rover Discovery…

I do need to rediscover my 2CV Mojo. I’ve only attended two 2CVGB Events this year, and I ran one of them! To think that in one year – 2005 I think – I clocked up 15,000 miles in Elly, travelling to camps in France (via Belgium) and the Scottish Borders. Three years after that, the 3500 miles we did driving around Great Britain in a fortnight for the Eight Ball Rally added to an impressive annual total. In 2010, we took her to Switzerland. This year? A soggy campsite in Cambridgeshire and that’s about it.

If I don’t pull my finger out, it’s going to take an awfully long time to clock up the next 100,000 miles.




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