The end is nigh. What to do with it!

The car situation is entirely out of hand once more and in a week’s time, two of my motors (the most recently acquired) need taxing. That’s a rather annoying £440 of Vehicle Excise Duty required, while someone can buy a brand new city car that is free of road tax. How is that fair?!

Of course, I’ve only recently taxed the BX estate (another £220) as well as buying two cars in a month, so I have absolutely no money. In fact, technically, my new car actually belongs to my wife until pay day…

BX 19TGD estate break

Time for the BX Break to be broken?

The problem with the BX estate is what to do with it. I’m loathe to start breaking it up as that’ll get quite messy and will generate a lot of parts that will need storing or selling. I’ll then have the problem of trying to get rid of a dead car – easy enough while scrap metal has plenty of value but still tricky on our driveway. However, nor do I want to keep it taxed as a refund on the disc would be quite handy at the moment!

To add an element of danger, there’s a really bad coolant leak, so the waterways are currently filled with pretty much neat water. That means trouble as soon as the temperature drops – and we’ve already had the first frost of the season.

So what do I do? No-one seems much interested in taking the ol’ girl on as a breaker themselves and just chucking the whole car away would be incredible foolish. There are some bits I definitely want (front struts, front hubs, possibly a door or two) but quite a lot I don’t.

Time is running out.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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