Project Budget 4×4: Still here!

Last year, I went a bit silly and changed vehicles very frequently. It was costing me a fortune in stamps as I sent ever more logbooks to the DVLA!

I promised to be better this year, and amazingly, I’ve done it! I’ve only purchased one new vehicle this year (ignoring the recently-returned BX ‘Safari’) and the Ford Maverick is it. Incredibly, I’ve owned it for over six months now, which means that all of my vehicles (the fleet is currently 5 including my wife’s Mini – which is for sale) have survived more than half a year on the fleet. That’s quite remarkable for me.

Splish splash

Maverick proves ideal in wet West Wales

Deciding to keep the Maverick is really quite a simple choice. It’s very good. I felt I needed to keep it for a while because I’d shelled out so much on overhauling the brakes. That took my £500 initial vehicle purchase up to closer to £800 by the time I’d factored in new calipers, discs and pads. Happily, the Maverick has proved so joyous to own that keeping it certainly isn’t a bind.

Time and again it has impressed me off the beaten track, but it’s also pleasant on the highway too. It handles well, isn’t too noisy and is spacious and pleasant behind the wheel. It can carry quite a weight and tow one as well.

Compared to the Range Rover I owned last year, it’s a revelation. Sure, there are some quality issues – the sunroof screen rattles and some bits of trim are broken (I suspect more to do with previous owners than any failing on Nissan’s part) but whereas the Range Rover’s dashboard always felt like it was about to fall apart, things do feel a bit more together in the Maverick. Not that it’s all been plain sailing. The heater blower resistor (as on the Range Rover) was faulty – but unlike the Rangie, it was a few minutes work to remove and repair. The driver’s electric window switch sometimes plays up too. Very little else does though. I like stuff that works.

I’ve clocked up about 1500 miles in the Maverick now and it doesn’t feel like time to say goodbye yet.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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