An old friend returns…

If you’ve been reading my Blog, thinking “Gawd, he does go on about diesel Citroen BX estates a bit much” then I’ve got really bad news. For the first time in my life, a car I’ve sold is coming back home. It’s a Citroen diesel BX estate. Sorry.

She’s not home yet – transport is underway and she’s currently somewhere between Ramsgate and here. I’m expecting a delivery on Monday. Why am I so bothered about a BX estate when I already own one? Well, Bex (as she is now known – not named by me) is a bit of a special motor really. I bought her to undertake the BXagon challenge in 2009. This is one of those rallies where you drive your cheap banger abroad – not a proper banger rally as most participants loved and cherished their cars and weren’t the sort to put silly adornments over their bangers. Then there was us!


BX estate stripes

Bought for a banger rally, but kept – and now returned!

Team Green Tiger – myself and a friend called Matt – bought our car the month before the rally, by which time everyone else had fully fettled their cars. A hasty service and check-over was carried out and we were soon on our way, clocking up over 3000 miles by driving around the perimeter of France – taking in bits of Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany (in one350 mile day), Switzerland and Spain as we did. We also drove over a 2000m tall mountain. In a blizzard. With cooling pissing out through a holed coolant pipe. It was certainly an adventure – a very enjoyable one.

After the 12 days of that, I became rather attached to the car. After all, she had transported the two of us and our belongings in absolute comfort, while delivering 48mpg. It was huge fun on the twisty mountain roads of The Alps and The Pyrenees but also excellent at munching motorway miles. It would be madness to sell her. So I didn’t. She became my daily driver. After six months of ownership, I calculated that she’d cost me about £1000. That included purchase and fuel! Ok, so keeping her in fine fettle did eat up more money. She needed rear arm bearings, a cambelt change, an alternator, a hydroflush to cure intermittent power steering and a pair of tyres. I clocked up about 15,000 miles in 18 months before my usual boredom set in. In a moment of madness, I sold her to a friend – replacing her with a Reliant Scimitar of all things!

After a few weeks, I realised I’d made a mistake. I spent a frustrating time trying to find an ideal replacement but gave up. Nothing matched the perfect balance of a BX diesel estate. I though I’d discovered the Holy Grail when I bought my Mk1 Citroen BX estate, but in truth, that project is a long way from finished. It’s just not good enough.

So, when I got offered Bex back, I leapt at the chance. Sure, she has some mechanical issues that I need to solve, but she’s clocked up over 30,000 miles in 14 months since I sold her, so she’s justified in requiring a bit of TLC. It will be nice to have a fully working BX while I try and get the older MK1 into similar mechanical order.

I can’t wait for Monday.

Estates compared

Scimitar might be quite practical, but it couldn’t beat the BX

4 thoughts on “An old friend returns…

  1. Copied from my intro to the BX forums: Some of you may be familiar with a car that Ian used to own nicknamed “Green Tiger”, oddly enough due to it’s green tigerstripes,
    a white 1.9 Mk2 estate that he passed on which pottered around the midlands before heading south, the heading south is where
    I met her.

    She was in the hands of my good friend Glenn who offered to run me and my lady to Birmingham and back from Ramsgate where
    we all live so that I could get my new dog, a beautiful 1yr old Czechoslovakian Wolfdog called Miska. Despite my reservations
    about this battered looking ‘antique’ I was surprised at how comfy she was on some local shopping trips…made all the clearer
    given the state of our local roads and the number of speedbumps.

    So we setoff for brum, long story short we had a very comfortable, uneventful drive. Aside from topping up the fuel and making sure
    a slow puncture was pumped before we left we did the journey with a few stops both ways and all had a great time.
    This amazing car did Ramsgate to Birmingham and back on a single tank of fuel, around 45-50mpg in her condition and with nothing
    special done to her before the trip, I’m sure you can appreciate how amazing this is especially compared to a lot newer cars.

    Glen fell on hard times, lack of work and so on so had to drop his insurance and we agreed to house ‘Bex’ on our driveway to keep
    her from being cubed so she could have a bearing sorted etc, things sadly got a bit worse for Glenn and he was going to have to give
    her up. I offered but Glenn had promised Ian first refusal on his car and much to my disappointment Ian wanted her and was willing
    to get her dragged to Wales.

    He takes delivery of her today, she will be in good hands but now I must have one…I haven’t even got my licence yet but I must have one
    and Ian sent me here to get acquainted with you all and as a good step towards getting my own.

    Given my poor physical condition I instantly fell in love with the comfort of the BX, add the fact that she brought me home with
    my wolf and what choice do I have, I have been given a special connection with a car I cannot have so the next best thing is
    getting another one and looking after he

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