Goodbye winter blues

I apologise for the lack of blogging activity lately. Somehow it’s 12 days since the last one. Surely I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time?

Well, not – though a burst of sunshine was doing little to remove my winter blues. When you’re into old cars, winter can be a torrid time. Mainly because there’s so little going on. No events and few classics out and about as they hide away from salt and cold.

But my summer is fast filling up with events to look forward to, and that’s making me feel more positive. I’m only a couple of weeks away from the Citroen X Rally in Lincolnshire and on my way east, I’ll be stopping off at the Pride of Longbridge rally in Birmingham. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve not been to the Pride of Longbridge yet, despite being a Brummie lad.

That trip will be undertaken in the BX, which is currently sitting in the garage at a jaunty angle awaiting the fitment of a new brake caliper. Sadly I broke a spanner this morning, which brought that job to a rapid and frustrating halt!

BX in garage

No, it doesn't usually lean like that, and it is safer than it looks!

After that, I’m very much looking forward to taking the 2CV for a return to La Vie en Bleu at the famous Prescott Hillclimb. Last year was the first time I actually managed to get to this event and I was very glad I did. I had a great time with other 2CVGB chums, especially when we got to hoon our Tin Snails up the hill during a parade. Great fun!

The 2CV will naturally be making the trip to 2CVGB’s Registers Day event in July too, back over in the east, just down the road from where we lived until October 2010. That’s always a great event.

The big dilemma for me is which Citroen to take to the International Citroen Car Clubs Rally in Harrogate in Yorkshire. This is the biggest all-Citroen meet in the world, and I’ve never been to one before. Frankly, the idea of this event alone is making me drool. Don’t get me wrong – I love 2CV events – but this one will be filled with some of the other kind of Citroens. Large, floaty slices of ultimate exotica. I cannot wait, though deciding which car to take is tricky. I hate to be without my 2CV, but the BX is rather more special as even at this worldwide gathering of double-chevron delights, I can be pretty sure that it will be unique. Even if it does look absolutely dreadful.

So, there’s lots to be positive about, starting this very weekend when I take the the Maverick for its first Pay and Play off-road session. I’m looking forward to pushing it to its limits…

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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