Two cars to go

Cripes. In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, I appear to have sold two of my cars in an evening!

The Land Rover finished on eBay for £2325 – a little short of what I’d hoped, but pleasing nonetheless. The main thing is that it covers my costs for the Scimitar. The unexpected twist came when during a live show on XRP Radio (find them on Facebook) – a station that plays quality unsigned music – I sold my car to one of the DJs! He’s actually a mate of mine who’s carless and needs transport, so it’s a neat solution to two problems.

It feels a bit odd to sell the BX. She’s become a trusted and hugely practical member of the fleet, surviving for 18 months, which is a rare accomplishment for one of my cars. In 20,000 miles, we’ve been all around France, visited Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco and Spain (all of that, from France to Spain in one epic trip!), driven through snowy Scotland, spent 12 hours on the 2 hour trip from Cardiff to home due to snow, tow-started a Bond Equipe on sheet ice (that was exciting!) as well as eating up a tree, cooker and washing machine when all needed moving.

This leaves me putting my faith in the entirely unproven Scimitar and the 2CV. I’m not fretting that much to be honest – the 2CV has had several spells where she’s actually been my only vehicle. Indeed when it came to driving to The Midlands to look at the Scimitar, it was the 2CV I chose. She’s certainly not afraid of mileage with 182,600 miles under her belt.

Hopefully, the fleet rearrangements will be completed it about a week’s time.


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