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Thank you for supporting HubNut by viewing this Blog. If you decide to support HubNut with actual money, then I can get up to even more crazy car capers. You can do so via PayPal. Your support helps fund further motoring adventures! It really is appreciated.


Your funds make a difference, and help justify things like spending far more on a shabby Nissan Bluebird than it is worth, rescuing Invacars and the continued adventures of a 2CV called Elly. More income means more videos. It’s that simple. Thank you.

Man and machine about to be very busy.

Thank you for your support!

All money donated goes to Ian Seabrook, who is a UK taxpayer. All income will be declared.

19 thoughts on “Support HubNut

  1. Hi Ian – good luck with the crowdfunding. Ellie seems like a very good cause to me. Here’s my fiver – I hope it gets things going. Let me know if you need help with transport (you or the car). Cheers, Dan

  2. A few quid on its way because a man like you needs a 2CV in his life – good luck with Elly.
    ps.. if you need any free labour I’m not far from Citwins.

    • Thanks John! Today, I have delivered the bodyshell to Citwins. Rachel declines the kind offer. I think she wants Elly back too!

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