An almighty caper

Tomorrow, I am travelling all the way to London to collect a car. I’m then driving this car, which I’ve never driven before, to Southampton and then up to Donington Park for the Fast Car Festival. It should be fun!

I’m going to attempt to live blog my way through the trip, so this is my first attempt at blogging on my smartphone. Oh for a proper keyboard! It’s slowing my wordspeed right down.

The above proves that I can add pictures from my phone. That’s the car sitting on the street, about 250 miles away. This is my super comfy cruiser that I bought for our trip to France. It has a 1468cc engine and an automatic gearbox. I may have failed, spectacularly. I have sat in this car, but I think that was four years ago. I’ve never driven it.

So, it promises to be an entertaining weekend! Stay tuned for further developments.